Saturday, July 1, 2017

This week at the library; or, Summer Week 4

What's happening
  • Monday
    • Outdoor play group
    • Tiny Tots
    • Read with Pearl
    • Usborne Sale
I was at ALA. Hauling books and tech samples across Chicago.
Library on the Go really took off today! But only 6 people came to Lego Club. But they had a ton of fun and we enjoyed chatting! The heavy storms have taken a toll on our attendance and circulation.
  • Friday
    • Chasing Bigfoot
This program was a joint effort by the adult and youth departments (mostly the adult department). We had hoped to attract families and maybe even some teens and we did get middle schoolers so yay! I didn't stay for the whole thing, just the beginning while I was helping to clean the room and set up and then handling summer reading. Personally, I feel that if Bigfoot were real scientists would have found poop. No Bigfoot poop, no Bigfoot.

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