Saturday, July 8, 2017

This week at the library; or, Summer Week 5

What's Happening
This is kind of our off week. Pattie, who does all my storytimes for babies and toddlers, is from the school district and so does not work this week (which falls between summer school sessions). A lot of people take this week off so there's not a lot going on in the library. This year I collected what volunteers showed up and what staff I had on hand and cleaned out the storage room.

On Wednesday my car died. Two kids found a severely mauled cat. My associate has to leave sooner than expected. As does one of my aides. I had around 25 people at the marbling workshop (not all at once). We had record-high circulation for easy readers and juvenile fiction. I am very tired.
  • Monday
    • Read with Pearl
    • Very Small but Very Long Staff Meeting
  • Tuesday
    • Library closed
  • Wednesday
    • STEM Learning Lab
  • Thursday
    • Free Lego Build
  • Friday
    • Maker Workshop: Suminagashi
Halfway point for summer reading - 480 kids registered, 124 middle schoolers and teens. Approximately 10% online registrations. 18 kids grades 4K-5th and 1 age 0-3 lost or kept their june calendar and picked up a july calendar and passes. 3 kids ages 0-3 turned in their june calendars. 34 4K-5th kids turned in their calendars.

I've given out WAY more than 4 rubber ducky prizes, so either I've lost a bunch of calendars or they didn't get marked on the spreadsheet! Or they had 4K sheets. That's possible too.

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