Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Duck and Hippo: Lost and Found by Jonathan London, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

Only a few months ago I reviewed the first Duck and Hippo title and now there's already a sweet sequel!

Duck and Hippo are planning to meet their friends Turtle, Elephant, and Pig, for a picnic. But when they arrive, Hippo realizes that he forgot to bring something to share! The celebration is put on hold while he goes off on his own to find some berries... and doesn't come back! Soon all the animals are lost in the woods, searching for each other. Will they ever find Hippo? Will Hippo find the berries? Is it too late for their picnic?

This sweet tale of friendship has the repeated phrases that will keep small children interested and make for a fun storytime read. There's enough tension in the story to interest a preschooler but not enough scary moments to really scare them. Most of all, the story is just fun!

This is best seen in the illustrations, which I admit are my favorite part of this series. I love Joyner's bold colors, dark lines, and friendly-looking animals. This book has many evening and night scenes, which Joyner executes delightfully with rich turquoise, dark blue, and black images. The bright pops of color in the animals' clothes, comforting curved lines of their faces and bodies, and the rich greens of the forest are all just right for this old-fashioned tale of friendship and fun.

Verdict: Just as adults may have their comfort reads, children have them too - and this is exactly what I'd look for as a child. A simple, predictable story, humorous and engaging illustrations, and memorable characters. This is a great addition to a storytime on friendship or even bedtime fears and a fun read for any kind of celebration.

ISBN: 9781542045629; Published 2017 by Two Lions; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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