Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Garcia & Colette go exploring by Hannah Barnaby, illustrated by Andrew Joyner

I'm really getting into the new picture books I've been seeing with Andrew Joyner's illustrations.

In this story, Garcia the rabbit and Colette the fox are having a disagreement. Garcia wants to explore the vastness of outer space, but Colette wants to dive deep into the ocean! The two friends solve their difficulty by building their own spaceship and submarine, respectively, and take off to explore their chosen destination.

Colette and Garcia love the sand and stars that they see and observe many wonderful things, but in the end they both realize space is missing something - a friend. Can the two find a perfect place to explore that has everything they both want?

In addition to the sweet friendship story, this book draws interesting parallels between different landscapes - space and deep ocean. The text lyrically describes the beauty, similarities and contrasts of the different landscapes. Joyner's illustrations are lovely, both sweet and funny. The rich, turquoise swathes of color show both the emptiness of space, and the quiet of the deep sea. Perky Garcia is a sweet little gray rabbit with a pink nose while Colette delves into her explorations with a cheerful yellow dress, and neatly tipped ears and swooping foxy nose. Strange creatures populate both the dark blue of space and the deep green of the sea.

Verdict: A little long for a toddler storytime, this is perfect for a preschool storytime or a program on exploration, scientific observation, or just learning how to compromise with a friend. Joyner's cheerful illustrations are sure to make this sweet story a hit with readers and listeners alike.

ISBN: 9780399176753; Published 2017 by G. P. Putnam's Sons; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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