Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Small Readers: See them grow: Turtle by Debby Freeman

This title is from a new mini-series in Bearport's Little Bits! nonfiction easy readers line. "See them grow" uses simple text and photographs to show young readers the life cycles of a variety of creatures.

The book opens with a basic description of a painted turtle. It mates with a female, who lays eggs. There is a spread showing the embryo growing inside the egg, then a description of hatching. The turtle's first days and weeks of life, including predators and other dangers, are described. Finally, it is an adult.

Additional turtle facts are included at the back. There is also a glossary, index, a couple additional titles, and a link to the publisher's website with more information.

There are several questions and additional facts sprinkled throughout the book to encourage readers to think about the narrative.

I'm always a little reluctant to purchase series nonfiction for easy readers. It's not the standard size and it's twice as expensive as the average hardcover. This is quite a decent title, although I wouldn't have bothered to include "mate" in the glossary, especially when the definition is "to come together to have young". However, I have been getting a lot more requests for nonfiction at various levels due to new school curriculum. I think this series will probably be very useful for those units on nonfiction at a lower reading level.

Verdict: If you have the budget to purchase more expensive easy readers and a need for more nonfiction at this level, this is a good addition.

ISBN: 9781684020416; Published 2017 by Bearport; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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