Friday, September 1, 2017

Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows by Asia Citro, illustrated by Marion Lindsay

I accidentally started this series with the second book, Monsters and Mold, but then I went to ALA and got a signed copy of the first book! Of course I had to read it and fall in love all over again.

Zoey is watching her mom work one day when she sees a picture...that shines! Zoey's mom is delighted when she finds out that Zoey can see magical creatures and she tells her the story of how she first came to be friends with and help magical creatures. When Zoey's mom goes out of town, Zoey gets her chance to help some magical creatures on her own and the first one she meets is a sick dragon! With some scientific experiments and the support of her cat, Sassafrass, Zoey figures out what's wrong with the baby dragon. Until it all goes wrong! Can she help the baby dragon or will she have to call her mom back home?

Sigh. So perfect. Zoey is bright, curious, and ready to experiment. She makes mistakes and knows when it's time to ask for help, but she's also an independent girl with plenty of determination and scientific smarts. The magical creatures are delightful and the cute drawings are an additional bonus.

Readers and teachers who love science will enjoy the mix of experiments, scientific method, and the helpful glossary of scientific terms.

Verdict: Still in love with this series! I can't wait to use them in book club and I strongly recommend that every library add them.

ISBN: 9781943147090; Published 2016 by Innovation; Review copy provided by author at ALA; Purchased for the library

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