Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Philomena's new glasses by Brenna Maloney


Ahem. I admit it, I am as vulnerable to cute as the next person, especially if guinea pigs are involved.

This is a story of three sisters. Philomena, Audrey, and Nora Jane are very similar and yet a little different. But, as sisters, they like to do everything together. So when Philomena gets some snazzy purple glasses, Audrey and Nora Jane get glasses too.

Then Philomena gets a handbag for her glasses. Audrey thinks that would be useful - a place to keep snacks! Nora Jane is a little worried about all the things she's having to haul around though.

Finally, the sisters have a discussion and realize they don't always have to be exactly the same - they only need the things they're really using. Maybe...

The real draw of this is guinea pigs. In glasses. With handbags of snacks! Adorable. It would go well with a storytime on clothes or on things not having to be "fair" all the time.

Verdict: Fans of Nancy Rose's squirrel photography and guinea pig lovers will delight in this silly story. Guinea pigs!

ISBN: 9780425288146; Published 2017 by Viking; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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