Tuesday, December 5, 2017

All ears, all eyes by Richard Jackson, illustrated by Katherine Tillotson

I have a strong feeling that I would love this book even more if I had better glasses...

Poetic text flows through the book, describing the creatures of the woods and asking questions about who is there. The text is incorporated into the art, with small, second notes like "deer here" and "flying squirrels...could be boys could be girls" in soft fonts, barely seen against the layered art.

The pictures shift from the soft purple of evening, the orange glow of the sunset, and the last shafts of yellow light to the deep, dark blues and greens of night in the forest, lit only by the stars, fireflies, and the moon. Images drift across the page - shadows, clouds, or hidden animals?

This probably wouldn't work too well as a storytime book; it's one that needs to be closely examined for hidden pictures and to fully appreciate the changes in color and the detail of the art. The text is also difficult to see clearly sometimes, which makes it hard for the reader.

However, it would be a lovely central piece for an art storytime (why have I never done a We Explore Favorite Artists featuring Tillotson? Must remedy that) great for one-on-one sharing, or a wonderful addition to a classroom library or unit on animals in the forest.

Verdict: A lovely title to add to your collection of books about forests and the night. Recommended.

ISBN: 9781481415712; Published 2015 by Atheneum; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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