Saturday, December 16, 2017

This week at the library; or, Recovery time

What's happening at the library
And then we all got sick. I am still working on our tub books (updated blog post coming sometime) and dvds. It's a lot of tracking down missing/long overdue items and making lists of replacements.

I finished January/February of an early literacy STEM calendar for distribution in our schools. You can see it here (and feel free to borrow it! If you want the original publisher document so you can customize it for your library, just let me know.)

I forgot a community committee meeting on Wednesday, discovered that glitter, sugar, and teen drama do not mix on Thursday, and went in late on Friday. I have not fully recovered from last week. On the bright side, my car is no longer ticking and we are expecting delivery of a really insane amount of confetti and related donations next week.

Professional Development
  • Booklist webinar: Spring picture books
    • A couple things I'd missed, I'm especially looking for good toddler storytime books
  • ALSC webinar: Early literacy and STEAM
    • I've been frustrated by trying to do some of these things, like flexibility, unstructured playtime, and encouraging failure and trying again in my after school clubs. It seems so often that adults don't want kids to do these things - they want a list of instructions and a finished product to produce. However, I will try, try again this winter/spring before giving up on the after school clubs.
    • Story Stars - storytime with a live animal

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