Friday, January 5, 2018

This week at the library; or, New year

What's happening
  • Monday - closed for holiday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday - school resumes
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Things I was doing
  • Working on weeding project with movies
  • Completed December and yearly reports and statistics, including resetting everything for new year
  • Outreach. Just got a whole slew of new bookings for next week, but happily realized that the big outreach program I agreed to appear at isn't until the following week (after freaking out about it some)
  • Ordered supplies and materials
  • Teen intern started this week (I mean, intern for teen services, not that she's a teen). 
  • Also followed up on incident reports and other annoying but necessary tasks.
Bookaneers choices highlighted
  • I had a small and rather quiet group at book club. Which was surprising since they are usually bouncing off the walls! Hippopotamister by John Green was the big hit, with all but one copy being grabbed off the shelf. Wedgieman was a close second and several kids took Zoey and Sassafras as well.

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