Monday, March 26, 2018

Droughts by Melissa Stewart, illustrated by Andre Ceolin

Let's Read and Find Out science books have been around for quite a long time. However, Harper has recently updated and added a new selection of titles. I've been looking for more titles on weather and didn't want the more bare-bones of actual easy readers, but something intermediate and these titles seemed like a good fit.

Melissa Stewart has done several of the recent titles, including this one on Drought. Simple blocks of text explain the progression of drought, from a lack of rain to more severe consequences. Explanations of the water cycle, how climate change can affect droughts, and the long-term consequences are also included. The text and illustrations are interspersed with historical and scientific facts and science experiments. Back matter includes further experiments, ways to save water, a list of more books in the series, glossary, and a university website with further information.

Ceolin's gentle art, with details of animals and plants, adds to the narrative aspect of the book. The people pictured, including scientists, show a diversity of race and gender.

Verdict: This is a good example of how a simple book can be just the perfect fit for a hole in the collection. This and other titles in the series have been circulating regularly to kids interested in weather, parents helping their kids advance in reading comprehension, teachers doing weather units, and I've also pulled several of them for a nonfiction authors unit on Melissa Stewart and other authors. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780062386663; Published 2017 by Harper; Purchased for the library

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