Saturday, March 10, 2018

This week at the library; or, and NOW it snows?

Dramatic presentation of art
Happening this week:
Monday - I forgot my dentist appointment, rescheduled, was late to work, realized after I got there my shirt had stains on it. Then the internet and the whole system went down for all libraries from mid-morning until 2:30pm. Then we suddenly had a snow storm and the roads were awful - took me almost an hour to get the ten miles home. Fun times.

Tuesday - I overslept (probably due to all the stress from yesterday), then sent a lot of orders (sorry to the Ls in Tech Services, but I needed retail therapy), very productive board meeting - I'm going to take Library on the Go out to OPtions (local charter/home school group affiliated with the public school), then a small group at Messy Art Club but they were very enthusiastic and had a great time.

Wednesday. Three outreach visits, my associate did We're going on a bear hunt yoga, working my way through a to-do list. I've lined up several new outreach venues and made phone calls. Blech. To the phone calls I mean.

Thursday. Ugh. I think too many kids have hugged me. I have the crud. The construction has begun and rerouted all the traffic in front of my apartment building. Yay. I arrived at work with a miserable headache, started cleaning off my desk and trying to catch up on various things. I started Library on the Go outreach at OPtions, one of the things I set up at the board meeting earlier this week, then directly out the other end of town for outreach storytime, then across town for another outreach program. I never did figure out a way to make the schedule take into account that sometimes I need 10-15 minutes to get across town for the different schools! Fortunately, the teachers are very flexible. Full, enthusiastic, and noisy book club. I threatened to breathe on them if they did not calm down. Everyone loved 26 Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths, one person loved and one person hated Christian Slade's Korgi, and I am still working on getting my two reluctant readers to pick up books. Once they start reading them they're fine, but they are currently banned from comics and very grouchy about it. I left 15 minutes early, to go to Walmart and buy vast quantities of marshmallows for next week's program.

Friday. Emails, to do lists, cleaning off desk. Worked at the ys desk while my associate/intern did anime club (20 kids!). Various emergencies, including one toilet plunging, then I got set up to go out to 4K swim. I left late, having been asked a gazillion last-minute questions! However, there was a smaller group than usual and not much happening until around 7:30. Basically 4K families get to go and swim at the high school pool (which is, apparently, unheated). I only checked about about 20 books. My school colleague said they usually get around 100 people, but I think it was a LOT less than that - I think everyone was at one of the other schools' art night. Anyways, the main reason I went was to meet with my school colleague and the other 4K center directors to plan the big upcoming party in April and we not only got that done, we also ironed out a bunch of other details. Then I hauled everything back to the library (got in and out without meeting - and freaking out - the cleaning guy) and thence home.

And the week is, at last, done!

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