Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mice Skating by Annie Silvestro, illustrated by Teagan White

Lucy the field mouse loves winter. She loves her cozy winter hat, exploring the snow, building snow mice, and her newest and most exciting discovery, ice skating! But she misses all her friends, who refuse to leave their cozy tunnels and burrows. So Lucy tries bringing winter to them, but indoor snowball fights are a failure and every time she tries to bring snow inside it just melts. It will take some hard work and careful consideration for Lucy to figure out a way to share winter with her friends in a way that they can all enjoy.

Teagan White, best-known for her cute woodland illustrations not only in books but also on fabric, stationery, and more, shines in this cozy woodland tale. The indoor scenes are set against a dark brown, almost black background while the outdoor winter scenes nestle against a soft cream. Delicate seeds, twigs, and other natural creations are joined by tiny hats, cards, and dishes to create a mouse-sized world that children will adore.

Annie Silvestro's debut picture book, Bunny's Book Club, managed to be sweet without cloying and she's repeated that success here, writing a story that has all the sweet warmth of a cup of chocolate on a winter day whilst still giving a feeling of sharp breezes and leafless trees.

Verdict: This sweet story is the perfect addition to a gentle winter storytime or for curling up with a little one as you watch the snow fall. A delightful second effort, I look forward to many more books from Silvestro and White.

ISBN: 9781454916321; Published 10-3-17 by Sterling; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library

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