Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Dirty Birdies by Jennifer Sattler

My colleague, who does most of our toddler and younger storytimes, has really loved several of Jennifer Sattler's picture books. She's going to be thrilled when I reveal my new discovery to her - board books! How did I not know she had made board books?

This latest title features a group of delightfully silly birds, some counting, and a lot of mess.

The story begins with a wordless, rainy day spread. The long-legged, yellow-spotted blue bird of the cover peers into the picture. Turn the page and enthusiastic splashing in the puddles makes "1 dirty birdie." One by one the birds join the count: painting, exploring, digging, and snacking. Then the five dirty birdies get a bath, dry off... and one birdie catches sight of a butterfly fluttering across a puddle. Dirty birdies are back! The final spread includes searching and counting questions like "How many spots are on the first dirty birdie?"

Sattler's cheerful pictures are detailed enough to make looking for colors, spots, and textures interesting but not so detailed that they confuse toddlers. The book is a sturdy rectangle, about 6x4 inches.

Verdict: A delightful choice for a toddler storytime, if your group is small enough to enjoy it. Otherwise recommend it to all your parents and caregivers who have their own "dirty birdies" at home!

ISBN: 9781585363896; Published February 2018 by Sleeping Bear Press; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library

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