Saturday, May 26, 2018

This week at the library; or, Serious Field trips begin

Packing in the 2nd graders for Michael Hall-themed field trip.
One student old me it was the "best field trip EVER!" and it
did go really well!
Happening at the library
  • Monday
    • Management meeting
    • Worked 12-8
  • Tuesday
    • OPtions board meeting
    • Worked 9-5:30
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Library on the Go: OPtions
    • First grade field trip
    • Worked 10:30-6:45
  • Friday
As you can see, my field trips started this week. I did a lot of "stop and talk" tours, because of the large size of many of the groups - I walk them through an area, then sit them all down and talk, then walk some more. I also added a short tour onto the 1st grade field trip, because some of the teachers are very used to having a tour as part of their visit and so prefer that. All the kids also got summer reading bookmarks (and summer reading bags, especially the 2nd graders who needed something to put all their creations in.

Other big projects included my associate repainting our magnetic chalkboard wall (it was never really magnetic) and all my aides being out so no one to shelve, clean the gerbil cage, etc. I am also still going through my huge donation and planning summer programs, finalizing Library on the Go schedules, and so on.

On Friday, in between my huge field trips, I sent endless and complex emails to staff and teachers arranging next week's massive field trips (there are a lot of them) and yeah, that's about what I did. Also, I've just remembered I left the laminator on.

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