Monday, June 25, 2018

Dog days of history by Sarah Albee

History is going to the dogs in Sarah Albee's latest micro-history. She's examined poop, bugs, and fashion and now it's time for our best furry friends.

Albee ranges across time and the world to look at the role of domesticated dogs in early history, the ancient world, and up to the current day. While mostly including western history, the author does not neglect more diverse cultures, dedicating sections to the role dogs played in Native American, especially Inuit, life as well as the history of the Pekingese and how dogs represent economics and class.

There are many, many stories of famous dogs - dogs in war, dogs in movies, dogs who belonged to celebrities and dogs who were celebrities on their own. As the book winds to a close, Albee reflects on the history she's presented and the current state of dogs; the medical problems of "purebred" dogs, the uses of dogs in the military and in many other ways, as well as fun trivia like popular dog names.

Author's notes include Albee's personal experience with dogs and some thoughtful notes on the truth of the stories told in the book. There are also extensive references and bibliography (or biblidography), places to visit, and an index.

Verdict: Another crowd-pleasing title from Sarah Albee, this is sure to fly off your shelves and attract the interest of children and adults alike. Recommended.

ISBN: 9781426329715; Published 2018 by National Geographic; Review copy provided by the author; Donated to the library; Additional copy purchased for the library

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