Saturday, June 30, 2018

This week at the library; or, June goes out with a bang

What's happening
I have no idea what happened this week, but Tuesday is when it all went nuts. We somehow acquired a stray cat, which I volunteered to take to the animal shelter (yes, I am allergic to cats) so I ended up driving a miserably hissing and mewing cat in a book bin across miles of construction and through a torrential rain storm. The basement flooded again. The a/c in the community room (where I was having a dance party) quit again. I did manage to get home alive, sans cat, at past 4!

Wednesday was exhausting and thankfully nobody came to the afternoon storytime because I lost my voice. I had worried that we'd lose attendance if we didn't have a weekly Wednesday afternoon program, but I won't be doing that next year...

Thursday I made it through four more storytimes. My throat is now sore. Great turn-out for Miniatures in the afternoon - several repeat visitors and some new attendees at the last-minute.

Friday - more outreach. Summer school is being held at the non-air-conditioned high school. I saw a lot of middle schoolers lying on the tiled floor in an attempt to cool off. It was miserable. But we checked out a lot of books!

Saturday - the big day. Finally done. My feet hurt. Ok, I admit I took the schedule home to work on it.

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