Saturday, June 23, 2018

This week at the library; or, Now it's REALLY hot. Nope, now it's raining.

Rocking out on air guitar. Somebody got really into it
(or was just hamming it up for the crowd, but both work)
What's Happening at the library
Torrential rain on Monday. Julie the kitten made it in for Paws to Read rather late. The basement flooded. Tuesday morning, basement flooded again and the a/c went out in the program room. My associate worked with a developmentally disabled volunteer - this is a new venture for us and it went pretty well. Having them come at a time when we weren't busy worked best and we got all our toys cleaned!

In a dramatic burst of energy (followed by a splitting headache) I finished July AND August of the STEM calendar!

Quietish Wednesday, I did my first Library on the Go outreach at a daycare/summer camp/preschool. Great crowd for We Explore Outdoors - my associate's first summer and second solo programming series and people are turning out!

The rest of the week was exhausting. My feet hurt.

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