Saturday, July 7, 2018

This week at the library; or, Vacation time!

Baking pies. In 85 degree heat.
I have no desire to live in historical times.
What's Happening at the Library
  • Monday
    • Paws to Read
    • Worked 12-8
  • Tuesday
    • Vacation!
  • Wednesday
    • Library closed
  • Thursday
    • Wrinkle in Time movie showing
    • Vacation!
  • Friday
This is our chance to catch our breath before July starts!

Ha ha ha. Sum total of this week - one staff member down with probable case of hand, foot, and mouth, my a/c died Wednesday night, and the chipmunk has developed a taste for pepper-laced birdseed. Well, it could be worse? At least my allergies are just making me mildly sick, not completely unable to breathe.

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