Sunday, August 12, 2018

RA RA Read: Middle Grade Narrative Nonfiction

I have a lot of go-to choices for middle grade nonfiction, but in some ways it's trickier to recommend than fiction - they can get outdated faster, especially science titles, and the layout can make parents and teachers reluctant to pick them up because they look like picture books. You can also check out the articles I've written for SLJ BeTween, focusing on nonfiction for tweens. Below are the titles that I regularly recommend and have had generally good responses from readers and adults.

By Publisher/Series
By Author
  • Sarah Albee
    • Albee writes narrative nonfiction that focuses on some of the smaller aspects of history - that have big effects. Her latest is Dog Days.
  • Carlyn Beccia
  • Georgia Bragg
  • Nancy Castaldo
    • These are geared towards the older end of the middle grade spectrum. She's explored dogs, seeds, and several aspects of animals.
  • Nathan Hale
    • Hale writes dense, informative, and very entertaining graphic history. He's written titles on World War I, the Alamo, the Donner Party, and many more.
  • Rebecca Johnson
    • Among others, she's done some great titles for Milbrook, the only drawback being how expensive this imprint is. Definitely worth a little extra $$ though. When Lunch Fights Back and Zombie Makers are my favorites so far.
  • Sandra Markle
    • Great science titles for the younger end of the middle grade spectrum, especially those not yet ready to tackle Scientists in the Field. She has a whole series about the efforts to save different animals, many of them set up like mysteries. Penguins is one of the most recent I read.
  • Patricia Newman
  • Steve Sheinkin
    • His history books will take a strong reader, but they're worth a little extra effort. I actually put Port Chicago 50 into teen, as there is more mature content, but most strong middle grade readers could handle Bomb or Lincoln's Grave Robbers.
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