Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cybils 2018 Nomination Suggestions

If you're like me, you read a ton of children's books - but it's hard to remember that great book you read last November when it comes time for Cybils nominations! So here are some suggestions to jog your memory. Nominations are open Oct 1 - Oct 15.

Elementary Nonfiction
  • Baby animals eating by Suzi Ezsterhas
  • Bird builds a nest by Martin Jenkins
  • Living in South Korea by Chloe Perkins
  • Let's hatch chicks by Lisa Steele
  • Seed is the start by Melissa Stewart
  • What makes a blizzard by Zoehfeld
  • Bowhead whale by Karpik
  • Bonkers about beetles by Owen Davey
  • Prickly hedgehogs by McGuinness
Middle Grade Nonfiction
  • To Pluto and beyond by Elaine Scott
  • Kids' guide to the American Revolution by Kathleen Krull (could be junior nonfiction)
  • You wouldn't want to live without simple machines
  • Hidden women by Rissman
  • Trash vortex 9780756557454 
  • Girls think of everything (new, updated edition) 9781328772534
  • Bat citizens by Rob Laidlaw
Junior/Senior High Nonfiction
  • Streetcar to justice by Hearth
  • In harm's way by Iain Martin
  • Deep dark blue 9781250128522
  • Locked up for freedom 9781467785976
  • Extreme survivors by Ridley
  • My shot by Donne 9781534412286 
  • Fierce by Raisman 9780316472708 
Board Books
  • Dirty birdies (9781585363896)
  • Go baby, Go dog (9780807529713)
  • Goodnight Pepe and Millie (9780807564837)
  • Mrs. Peanuckle's tree alphabet (9781623369439)
  • Rabbit (9781682973318)
  • Sip chew yum (9781680522822)
  • So far up by Strasser
  • This book (9780807578810)
  • Walk and see ABC (9780763696238)
  • Walk and see Colors (9780763699178)
  • Water (9780807505175)
  • Where's the unicorn 9781536206968
  • Cement Mixer's ABC
  • Dump Truck's Colors
  • 1 grumpy bruce by Ryan Higgins
  • Walk in the forest 9781680522365
  • Happy dog 9780312524890 
  • Jungle gym 9781585363902
Fiction Picture Books
Easy Readers
  • Mighty Truck on the farm by Chris Barton
  • Mouse loves spring by Lauren Thompson
  • I wish I was a gorilla by Sandra Markle
  • Luna and the lost shell by Cari Meister
  • Snowy surprise by Kallie George
  • Marigold fairy makes a friend by Dennis
  • Much too much birthday by J. E. Morris
  • Jump by David McPhail
  • See Zip Zap by David Milgrim
  • Croc and Ally by Derek Anderson
Early Chapters
  • Unicorns and germs by Asia Citro
  • Logan the puppy by Jane Clarke
  • Whoooo done it by Jacobs (9781481499620)
  • UFO spotted by Hilde Lysiak
  • Royal Island by Alexa Pearl
Middle Grade Fiction
  • Pup called trouble by Bobbie Pyron
  • War below by Marsha Skrypuch
  • tbh, this is so awkward by Lisa Greenwald
  • Digging for trouble by Linda Fairstein
  • MVP summer by Iva Palmer
Elementary/Middle Grade Graphic Novels
  • Stinky Cecil in mudslide mayhem by Paige Braddock
  • Tyrannosaurus Ralph by Nate Evans
  • League of Lasers by Mike Lawrence
  • Bolivar by Sean Rubin
  • Robots and Drones by Scott
  • Meteorite or meteor-wrong by Shaskan
  • George Washington by Fred Van Lente


Roberta said...

Thank you so much for the suggestions. These are great lists!

laurasalas said...

Thanks so much for including MEET MY FAMILY--AND for nudging me. I need to go check out my Goodreads shelves and make my nominations!