Sunday, September 9, 2018

Cybils Nonfiction History

This is just for me. Our new social media guru/literacy evangelist (who once upon a time was chair of the easy reader/early chapter category), Terry Doherty, is making all sorts of coolness happen this year, including a Goodreads group for Cybils. I'm working on adding our finalists and winners to the bookshelf and it's hard to do for nonfiction because the category has shifted over the years. So I made myself a timeline and in case you're as obsessive about data (and clueless about time math) I thought you might enjoy it.

2006 - Cybils begins

  • Fiona Bayrock is the first category organizer for Non-Fiction Picture Books  - Winner - Egg is quiet.
  • 2007 - Lightship by Floca
  • 2008 - Frogs by Nic Bishop 
  • 2009 - Day-Glo brothers by Barton (I joined Cybils as a panelist for easy readers/early chapters - I'd forgotten that! I thought I'd started in nonfiction!)
  • 2010 - Extraordinary Mark Twain (I was on Picture books that year, which explains why a biography won lol lol)
  • 2011 - I feel better with a frog in my throat by Carlyn Beccia (this was the year I joined nonfiction as a panelist! I remember Fiona was an awesome organizer)
2012 - I take over as Nonfiction Picture Book Chair
  • What a year this was! I met many amazing panelists who would continue to be involved with Cybils and was even pleased that a biography, Mrs. Harkness and the Panda, won! (They were some Very Persuasive panelists and judges!)
2013 - category changes to Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction
  • I realized that this category didn't necessarily work well as a format (like graphic novels or easy readers) and switched to audience instead. We still only had one winner, like Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction (it was Fantasy back then!) and the winner this year was Look up! Bird-watching in your own backyard by Cate.
  • 2014 winner - Feathers by Melissa Stewart
  • 2015 winner - I, Fly by Bridget Heos
2016 - category split - Elementary and Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Changing from format to audience had worked well, but I felt the middle grade titles were getting neglected in favor of the younger, elementary titles. I had originally intended to just split what I already had, but the teen nonfiction category was interested in splitting also and I gave them the middle grade name, taking "juvenile" for my upper grades.
  • Elementary winner - Giant squid by Fleming
  • Juvenile winner - Some writer! by Melissa Sweet
2017 - Category name returns to Elementary and Middle Grade Nonfiction
  • A new organizer had taken over the teen nonfiction and graciously returned the middle grade notation to me, as we discussed what changes we wanted to make for the coming year. I (hope) this will be the way things go for quite a while!
  • Elementary winner - Hatching chicks in room 6 by Caroline Arnold
  • Middle Grade winner - Two truths and a lie by Laurie Ann Thompson and Ammi-Joan Paquette (fun trivia fact - Laurie has been on nonfiction panels in the past!)

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