Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: Noah's Park: Snack Time by Sam Williams

I've only seen Sam Williams as an illustrator, but his cute, sweet illustrations are very attractive so I was interested in picking up this board book series when I happened upon it. "Noah's Park" features a handful of cute little animals in various activities at, you guessed it, a park.

There are six characters; a pink-faced piglet, puppy, bear, golden-furred... other bear? I can't decide what that one is. A panda and a fluffy-looking purple snail (yes, it's a fluffy snail. Williams makes it cute, trust me).

The opening spread has a layout of the park on the left and a gatefold on the right. The front of the page shows the characters and then folds out to show them all lining up for a boat ride. They put on their "safety vests", collect their lunch boxes, and sail away. There's a scene of feeding ducks, lunch under a striped awning that looks a little like a carousel, and a trip back in the boat.

The simple text narrates the events, "Time to go home. Let's clean up and sing a good-bye tune." and the pictures are very cute. There's not much to the plot, but this isn't unusual in a board book.

Verdict: A cheerful and colorful addition to your board book collection. Not a necessary purchase, but a good filler.

ISBN: 9781481442633; Published 2016 by Little Simon; Borrowed from another library in the consortium; Purchased for the library

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