Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Small Readers: A Windy Day by Spencer Brinker

This is a new series/imprint from Bearport, a prebound, series nonfiction publisher. They have a lot of high-interest, low-reading level books, and although my preference is always for their animal titles, which are very popular in my library, I'm always willing to take a look at what else they're working on. This easy reader series is called "Bearcub Books" and the series is "Weather Watch." I received a copy of the title A Windy Day for review.

Each photographic spread shows something blowing in the wind and has two short sentences. On the top left, against a yellow rectangle, it says "Today is windy." On the bottom right, against rectangles of varying colors, each sentence starts with "I see" and then names the item in the picture - long hair (the mane on a horse), a flag, a leaf, etc. The opening and closing sentences vary slightly, "Look! It is windy." and "Look around! What can you see on a windy day?"

Each page is numbered, on a small yellow circle. There is a brief table of contents, a section of "key words" which list the five items seen and a thumbnail of the photograph, an index that includes each item, and a sentence about the author. A page of "teaching tips" is also included. A search of the publisher website gives the lexile of the book - 140.

It's a very basic title and I'm always looking for more basic easy readers, but it's not very... interesting. Which wouldn't necessarily matter when I'm bulking up easy readers, but I'm not going to shell out $17 on one title that will have limited interest.

Verdict: If you have the $$ and need more of this type of series nonfiction, or if you're a school library and need sets on nonfiction topics like this, it's a perfectly acceptable options. It's not one I'd really consider for the average, small-medium public library though.

ISBN: 9781684029990; Published 2018 by Bearport; Review copy provided by publisher

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