Saturday, October 27, 2018

This week at the library; or, October can end now!

Happening at the library
  • Monday 12-8
    • Discovery Playgroup
    • Paws to Read
    • Books for Bedtime
    • 12-3 Manager's Meeting
    • 5-8 information desk
  • Tuesday 10-6ish
  • Wednesday 8:30-1, 3:45-8
  • Thursday 10:30-2:30
  • Friday 8:30-3:15
    • Closed for staff work day
  • Saturday 10-2
I heard back Monday morning that our volunteer was available again and Paws to Read has resumed! She brought five adorable kittens - one was super adventurous, climbing to the top of chairs, investigating walls, and finally settling in to a windowsill where she could watch the traffic. Another hid under the sink and refused to come until it was time to leave. So a variety of personalities there. Last full week of craziness, also working on finalizing plans through the end of the year, next year, and a list of data on staff work day which took longer than I'd expected so I didn't get to the other stuff I'd planned. There were snakes and they were awesome as always.

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