Monday, January 7, 2019

A frog's life by Irene Kelly, illustrated by Margherita Borin

I don't know how I missed Kelly's books, when I've read so much easy nonfiction! However, even though I had a few listed as having read them, this was the first I bought for the library and which pinged on my mind.

This is one of my favorite kinds of easy nonfiction, having simple sentences in bold or different-colored fonts and then a longer paragraph of information. This makes the books perfect for both storytime and longer reads with classrooms or individual children. Kelly's book has sentences like "Camouflage allows frogs to hide in plain sight" followed by three brief paragraphs on how specific frogs use camouflage. Another example is "When a female frog hears a male singing, she sings back. The two frogs follow each other's voices until they meet." The reader can decide whether or not to read the following paragraphs describing simple how frogs mate and produce fertilized eggs. The book includes a general description of amphibians, behavior and habits of specific and general frogs and toads, and an overview of the dangers frogs face.

Back matter includes an index, list of rescued species, and ways to help and learn more about frogs. Borin's delicate watercolors are a lovely match for the beauty and fragility of these creatures. The frogs' species are identifiable but still artistic, showing soft colors and textures blending to create these marvelous creatures.

Verdict: A great choice for storytime or one-on-one reading as well as classroom research. Recommended.

ISBN: 9780823426010; Published May 2018 by Holiday House; Purchased for the library

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