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RA RA Read: Laugh 'n' Read, Funny Beginning Chapter Books

Every age and reading level loves humor, but it can be hard to find funny books for those kids just getting into chapters. Even at a young age, humor is a very individual thing, but these are some series and individual titles that I've found have a wide appeal to kids transitioning to chapters.

Just transitioning to chapter books

  • Jump-into-chapters from Blue Apple Books
    • Some of these are out of print or you have to purchase directly from the company. However, it's worth it! Kids laugh endlessly over them. Our favorite series are Mr. Ball by Michael Townsend and Andy by Maxwell Eaton
  • Noodleheads by Tedd Arnold
    • These are based on old folktales - the trope of the foolish person - and they feature two kids who are, literally, noodles!
Beginning chapter books
  • Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger
    • I thought these were more weird than funny, but the kids thought they were hilarious. It's a brief series that features a venus flytrap as detective, along with his goat sidekick. A companion series, Didi the Dodo, is coming out later this year.
  • The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey
    • This graphic series features a group of traditional bad guys - Big Bad Wolf etc. - who are trying, sort of, to change their reputation.
  • Flying Beaver Brothers by Maxwell Eaton
    • This is an old graphic novel series, but it's still available in prebound or paperback. It has Eaton's trademark deadpan delivery as it relates the wacky adventures of two beavers.
  • Princess in Black by Shannon and Dean Hale
    • Both boys and girls will love this series about a fancy, frilly princess who turns into... the dashing Princess in Black to fight monsters!
  • Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon
    • I was initially doubtful about this series about a little girl with a wild imagination, but they have turned out to be very popular.
  • Ella and Owen by Jaden Kent
    • I haven't seen much buzz in this series from little bee, but I have quite a few dedicated fans. It features the goofy adventures of two dragon siblings, starting with their confrontation with a terrifying vegetable wizard!
Intermediate (one step up) beginning chapter books
  • Roscoe Riley by Katherine Applegate
    • A typical "school misadventures" series, but kids love them.
  • Stinky Cecil by Paige Braddock
    • This graphic novel series is funny AND includes nonfiction! It's a little more challenging to read.
  • Two dogs in a trench coat by Julie Falatko
    • This is really middle grade, but it is heavily illustrated and kids who are invested enough will enjoy it. I laughed until I cried. 
  • My Weird School by Dan Gutman
    • This isn't just one series - it's a never-ending series of series. I don't get the appeal myself, but the kids think they are hilarious.
  • Gum Girl by Rhode Montijo
    • This is a graphic blend series featuring a girl who gets superpowers when she chews special gum. It's also more challenging - think Bad Kitty level (most of which are actually very complex!).
  • Down Girl and Sit by Lucy Nolan
    • These are available paperbacks, although the originals are mostly out of print. They feature two dogs, who think their names are Down Girl! and Sit! and are hilarious. I love them and the kids do too!
And finally...
  • Branches from Scholastic
    • These range from just transitioning to chapters to transitioning to middle grade. They are illustrated and meant to be "branches" from easy readers to full chapter books. Some of the series are long-running while others pop out a handful of books and then end. The funniest series, in my opinion and that of the kids, are:
    • Notebook of Doom by Troy Cummings
    • Princess Pink and the land of Fake-Believe by Noah Jones
    • Boris by Andrew Joyner
    • Kung Pow Chicken by Cyndi Marko
    • Haggis and Tank Unleashed by Jessica Young

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Great collection of books, Jennifer. I think funny books are very important for hooking readers. Thanks for sharing!