Saturday, January 26, 2019

This week at the library; or, Winter is here

I ended up doing a lot of work in the back
as well as a couple hours in the basement
since I couldn't go out on desk and
so many programs were cancelled.
What happened at the library this week:
Projects for this week:
  • Finish juvenile fiction weeding
  • Start working on lost/missing list
  • Put together MOPs presentation
  • Update Winter Wigglers obstacle course
  • Continue working on updating toy bags and kits
  • Walmart grant - send orders and start publicity and paperwork
  • Start contacts for art show.
  • Look at two upcoming grants.
  • Prep for Snow Fun and my three days off next week!
Of course, I started the week with a sinus infection/cold. Why not? I coughed, sneezed, and moaned my way through my to-do list though. We had a snow emergency Tuesday night and into Wednesday so my Wednesday morning outreach was cancelled and we rescheduled the yoga to next week and just had a block party. Then the weather continued, clearly determined to make up for its former mildness with all the snow and cold at once - all together I had 5 programs or outreach events cancelled or rescheduled! I did get a lot of maker kits and toy bags replaced, updated, or added. You can see them here.

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