Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mabel and Sam at home: One brave journey in three adventures by Linda Urban, illustrated by Hadley Hooper

This quirky (and lengthy) picture book is a delightful excursion into the power of the imagination and the relationship between siblings. The story begins with Mabel and her little brother Sam watching a diverse group of movers hauling in a collection of furniture and other belongings at their new house. Mabel invites Sam aboard the Handle with Care (a box, obviously) and they set off to sail the seas. More adventures follow after the blue-themed sea journey; a walk through a yellow museum, and a dark green journey into space.

Eventually Sam gets tired of Mabel's big sister bossiness and the two quarrel, but when it's time for bed they make up - and get permission to spend their first night sharing a bed like they used to share a room at their old house.

Each adventure has a color theme and a tilted perspective that jumps easily into the imaginative aspect of the story. Readers don't get a really good view of the new house, but they do get a fun look at how Mabel and Sam, both with dark skin, Mabel with curly hair and Sam with straight, become acquainted with their new home. Some of the text is hard to read, being placed against a colored background.

Verdict: If you're looking for longer picture books or something for siblings moving into a new home, this is a nice addition to the genre.

ISBN: 9781452139968; Published June 2018 by Chronicle; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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