Monday, April 22, 2019

We travel so far... by Laura Knowles and Chris Madden

I'm always fascinated by migration and this is a beautiful and simple look at this complicated subject. In poetic language, Knowles introduces the great journey of migration and the stories of the creatures that undertake these epic journeys.

Each spread introduces a different creature and is illustrated in sharp detail by Madden art that focuses on the creatures and their natural surroundings. The migration of the sockeye salmon shows a group of red fish, determinedly leaping up frothy white falls as hungry bears lunge across the page. The monarch butterflies' page explodes in color and life as orange butterflies pour across a green and blue background. Fruit bats spiral up from the trees in Kasanka National Park, where they have migrated to feed on fruit. A close-up shows a sweet, furry creature peering back at the reader. Arctic terns glide across a cold, grey-blue page, "We are the arctic terns, the daylight dancers./We chase the summer, pole to pole." The book ends with a spread showing a diverse group of people and repeating the refrain, "We travel so far." that has been reiterated throughout the book. Just like the animals, humans travel for safety and food, but also to find freedom and adventure.

Back matter includes a world map (the migrations are not marked on it) and data about the land and sea migrations.

Verdict: A beautiful and informative book, a great addition to school curriculums and for reading aloud in sections and discussing.

ISBN: 9781770859852; Published August 2018 by Firefly; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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