Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Read, Read, Read, said the Baby: My first interactive board book: On the farm by Auzou

I was disappointed by this board book. It seemed to start out well, but ultimately didn't go where I'd hoped. It has pull tabs and lift the flaps, according to the cover, so I wouldn't expect it to last long, but for something that's only going to make a few circs I want something worth the money.

The cover shows a red-headed girl milking a cow. A slider turns the cows spots from black to white. This... doesn't really make any sense, but ok, let's see what's next. The first spread shows a variety of chickens. A black hen with red wattles and comb has a movable head and a hole under her to show an egg. But there's no tab - you have to catch the cardboard and move it up and down, which slides the egg into place as well. Ok, next page is sheep. A slider moves wool on and off the sheep (the farmer is another red head). That's a reasonable one. As is the next, a slider which puts mud spots on and off the pig. The second to last spread has a cow chewing her cud. There's a hole for your finger, to wiggle the cardboard grass around, and that's all it does - wiggle. Now, this did come out in 2017 BUT the library I borrowed it from only got it in May so it's unlikely it could have been broken by then. I would think the kids would get frustrated, just wiggling the grass around. Wait, we were promised pull tabs and lift the flaps? Ah, the lift the flaps are on the last page, all four of them. Each asks a question about a farm animal "What does the hen lay?" and the answer is underneath. There are no pull tabs, unless they are equating those with sliders, which they apparently are. Sliders are not pull-tabs.

Verdict: A rather flimsy binding and flimsy flaps mean this won't last long - and it just didn't have much quality or interest to me. I don't recommend this one, unless you are happy buying anything interactive that comes along.

ISBN: 9782733859131; This edition published 2018 by Auzou; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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