Sunday, August 25, 2019

What's on my to read shelf

I just got a Very Exciting box of review books from Capstone, so I thought it would be fun to make a list of everything on my to read (and to review) stacks and shelves.

Review copies to read

  • Capstone
    • Sadiq and the desert star
    • Charlotte spies for justice
    • Hercules and the pooper-scooper peril
    • My furry foster family (just bought this for the library!)
    • Could you escape Alcatraz
    • Golden acorn by Katy Hudson
    • TV exposes brutality on the Selma March
    • Adjectives say incredible!
    • Escape of Robert Smalls
    • Brave cyclist
    • My footprints by Bao Phi
    • Bears make the best math buddies
    • Make circuits that glow or go
    • Questions and feelings about racism
    • Grace Hopper (Smithsonian Little Explorer)
    • U.S. Ghost Army (graphic library)
    • Esports revolution
    • Mars or bust
    • Mr. Kazarian alien librarian
    • Why we cry the science of tears
    • Katie Woo's neighborhood, helping Mayor Patty
    • Real Benedict Arnold
    • You are eating plastic every day
  • Forgotten beasts by Sewell
  • Filigree's midnight ride by Berkman
  • I love my dragon and Are you my monster (board book editions)
  • Oscar the octopus (pop-up)
  • Very very far north by Dan Bar-El
  • Firefighters handbook by Megan McCarthy
  • Save the crash test dummies by Swanson
  • Amy Wu and the perfect bao
  • Twin trouble by Rosemary Wells
  • Storm keeper's island by Doyle
  • Unspeakable unknown by Sappingfield
  • Secret in the stone by Benko
  • Simple art of flying
  • Order of the majestic
Review copies in to be reviewed pile (read)
  • Captain Aquatica's awesome ocean
  • Truman by Reidy
  • I'm trying to love math by Barton
  • King of kindergarten
  • Goodbye friend, hello friend
  • Your amazing digestion by Joanne Settel
  • Two brothers one tail
  • Spencer's new pet by Sima
  • Angelina Ballerina (new edition)
  • Now you know what you eat by Valorie Fisher
  • One fox
  • Bird count
  • How I met my monster
Library books in read, to be reviewed pile (the to read pile is too big!)
  • Digging deep by Scandiffio
  • Hangry by Brockington
  • Buried lives by McClafferty
  • Slug days by Leach
  • Mango moon by De Anda
  • Count on me by Tanco
  • Road trip by Ingalls
  • Space cows by Seltzer
  • Can cat and bird be friends
  • What can you do with a toolbox by Carrino (ILL)
  • Don't feed the bear by Doherty (ILL)
  • Truth about dinosaurs by Genechten (ILL)
  • Night monster by Mishra (ILL)
I have a total of 92 books checked out at the library, 19 on hold, and about 10 or so that I bought. I have lots of books.

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