Friday, October 4, 2019

Captain Aquatica's Awesome Ocean by Jess Cramp with Grace Hill Smith and Joe Levit

This is the third book in the "Science Superheroes" series. Jess Cramp, a shark researcher and marine conservationist, is the author and hero of this book.

Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the ocean or conservation. Cramp and her co-authors explain tides and ocean weather, tidal and deep water zones, explore sharks and other marine creatures, and talk about conservation and the importance of the ocean to the earth. The text is dense, but broken up with science experiments, additional facts, photographs, profiles of other scientists, and more.

Back matter includes the traditional "how you can save the earth" suggestions (I have strong feelings about these but I'm not going into them now), glossary, index, photo credits, and resources.

I liked this title better than the previous one, Dr. E's Super Stellar Solar System, which had several pages of comics interspersed between each chapter. The comics were... not good. In this book, the comics are just dividers between each chapter, one or two pages each, and are more of a light relief than involved in the book in any way.

There's a ton of information included in this, but it's broken down into helpful sections, the most interesting of which are the chapters focusing on Cramp's own research where she talks about her experience and how the work she is doing helps the oceans or gathers information to make decisions about the future.

I would recommend this to strong readers who can handle a large amount of information and are serious about their interest in oceans and/or sharks. However, even readers who aren't as fluent can appreciate this by browsing or reading sections on the areas they're interested in. It would be even more useful as a reference title for teachers with the experiments and overview of a number of topics, providing jumping-off points for kids to explore further at their own reading level.

Verdict: The large amount of text makes this challenging, but ocean-loving, fluent readers and teachers will find it both interesting and useful.

ISBN: 9781426332920; Published June 2019 by National Geographic Kids; Review copy provided by publicist; Donated to the library

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