Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Duck by Meg McKinlay

McKinlay is a fairly new author and for her third book she pairs with a new artist who has a few picture books in his repertoire as well. Together, they've created a funny take on the old tale of Chicken Little.

A quiet afternoon on the farm is disturbed when a frantic duck comes running through the animals yelling DUCK! The persnickety animals explain to her that no, they are not ducks, they are a horse, cow, pig, and sheep. They grow increasingly patronizing and annoyed, while the frantic little duck, who has acquired a bucket hat, keeps up her cry of DUCK! until disaster occurs and the vindicated duck is the only one who doesn't get stuck under a falling house!

Eckstrom's humorous illustrations show the superior animals, wacky little duck, and plenty of jokes on the last page (a sign reads Kansas and the duck is wearing a funnel hat). The duck's wings are a misstep, looking oddly like angel wings or bits of cloud, but kids will be so happy to be yelling DUCK! at every moment, they won't notice.

Verdict: A fun story with a gentle moral about listening more and talking less!

ISBN: 9781536204223; Published August 2019 by Candlewick; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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