Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Leyla by Galia Bernstein

Leyla, a sweet little baboon, has a mother, father... and a huge crowd of aunts and cousins! Leyla needs a break, so she runs away from her smothering family. Leyla stomps off down a dusty hill, and promptly hurts her foot on a sharp rock and then is is startled by a blue lizard with a red head.

Leyla is curious, especially when the lizard tells her that he's busy doing... nothing. The lizard shows Leyla how to sit and meditate, hearing the wind and sounds around her and spending some time alone peacefully. At the end of the day, Leyla returns happily to her boisterous and loving family who listen in surprise and amazement to the story of her adventures and joyfully welcome her back, kissing her hurt foot. But Leyla knows when she needs a little space she can return to the lizard, to spend some quiet time doing nothing.

Bernstein's sweet illustrations and story were inspired by watching hamadryas baboons at the zoo as they excitedly crowded around a baby taking his first steps. Bernstein thought of the people in her own life and how they'd respond to so much family togetherness and the story was created. It's sweet, funny, and a gentle reminder that family - and friends - sometimes need a break.

Verdict: A good story to read aloud, especially to remind kids that sometimes even their friends and family need some quiet time alone. Plus, it's funny! Recommended.

ISBN: 9781419735431; Published May 2019 by Abrams; Borrowed from another library in my consortium; Purchased for the library

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