More of my deathless prose

I am very bloggy.

Jean Little Library is my main blog. Named in honor of Canadian author Jean Little, this is a journal of my library work and reading.

Flying off my bookshelf is my mini review blog. Everything I read that isn't reviewed at Jean Little Library goes there. It's not necessarily the "bad" stuff, just things that I didn't have much to say about, genres I don't review (adult, ya) and I don't put up re-reads, because life is just too short.

In short, I am busy is the home of my programs. You will find all my programs, stealth programs, display, and outreach programs here. I link to this blog in my weekly library round-up on Jean Little Library.

It's Animation, Not Cartoons is in the style of Flying off my bookshelf, but covers movies instead. Since I watch mostly cartoons (and if you're an adult, it's animation, not cartoons (-:) as well as preview all the movies I purchase for the library, this is mostly children's films.

Storytime Extras is where I collect all my flannelboards and the songs and rhymes I use in storytime. I link to it in my program plans. As I am not doing a lot of traditional storytimes right now, it is updated infrequently at best.

Read 'n' Play is my new "storage" blog where I will be posting all our circulating toys.

I also have all of my poetry from my high school and college years stored on a blog, Under the name of Cailin Sanders and that blog has now migrated to become my creative file, including cooking and handcrafts. The chronicle of my garden is at Slugs, Sweat, and Summer: Adventures of a Gardener.

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