Monday, July 14, 2008

King George : What was his problem? by Steve Sheinkin

Although the book's title is somewhat misleading, this is an intriguing look at the American Revolution. While there is very little information about King George, and few of the quirky anecdotes one is led to expect from the publisher's upbeat flap copy, the story of the American war for independence is told in a fresh, entertaining style.

Sheinkin covers the war from beginning to end, then finishes the story with a list of what happened to various key characters. The story is divided up into short chapters and sections, great for holding short attention spans or just browsing through. The language is simple, but not dumbed-down. The story is peppered with first-hand accounts and short quotations, and is heavy on the battles and light on the politics. An excellent overview for reluctant readers or those looking for a more interesting American Revolution history than they find in their textbooks.

Verdict: I buy very little history for the nonfiction section, but this is a must have for kids studying the American Revolution, homeschoolers, or kids interested in history (I've met TWO so there are probably a couple more out there, right?) Recommended.

ISBN: 978-1596435186; Published May 2008 by Flashpoint; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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