Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oliver Finds his way by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Christopher Denise

Oliver is safely playing in the yard, when he chases a leaf off into the deep forest....and he's lost! But after his first panic, Oliver thinks....and comes up with the perfect idea to find his way home.

This simple story will resonate with children and parents alike, as Oliver takes his first steps to independence and children will enthusiastically join in Oliver's roar to help him find his way home.

Oliver is perfectly captured by Christopher Denise's artwork. A small, endearingly plump little bear, his facial expressions are solemnly depicted, from his delighted absorption in a colorful leaf, his fear at finding himself lost, and finally his stubborn determination to find a way home.

Verdict: Some overly sensitive parents will be worried that Oliver doesn't stay put when he realizes he's lost, but most library patrons will enjoy the sweet story and Oliver's clever solution of his problem. Recommended.

ISBN: 978-0763613839; Published August 2002 by Candlewick (sadly, it is now out of print); Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library


Terry said...

We love this book. We first read this when my daughter was a toddler ... now she's seven. But she'll still occasionally pull it from the shelf.

Jennifer said...

You're never too old to revisit childhood favorites! I love Christopher Denise's illustrations, they're sweet without being saccharine - have you seen Pigs Love Potatoes and Knitty Kitty?