Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mothstorm by Phillip Reeve, illustrated by David Wyatt

Having defeated giant spiders, moobs, and mind-controlling hats, not to mention finding their millenia-old mother and restoring her to health, you would think the adventures of Art and Myrtle would be over. But they're not! The plucky young boy and his refined elder sister are back, this time to save the British empire and the known universe from giant moths, an insane demi-god, and alien invaders.

For fans of neo-Victorian fiction, Lemony Snicket, Howard Whitehouse, humor, and steampunk, this is an excellent finale to the Larklight trilogy.

Verdict: It is an enduring sorrow to me that there aren't more fans of this delightful trilogy *pout*. I have plenty of Snicket fans, but I am woefully short of fans willing and eager to read Snicketish books. Sigh. If you have the fans, buy them!

ISBN: 978-1599903933; Published October 2008 by Bloomsbury; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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