Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day at the library

8:30 am.
Walk to work. Freezing!

Read e-mail and blog reviews. Add stuff to order list. Make poster for teen program next week. Prep for preschool storytime. Talk to colleague who does toddlers about possible grant for buying baby toys and about new books. Work on stats. Now that I know what our annual report needs, I'm updating all my stats worksheets.

Preschool storytime. Small group, just 8, all boys!

Keep working on stats.

On desk. Sample questions:
How do I get this contact thing to go away in my yahoo mail? Answer - I don't know. Try settings or help.
I don't understand this brake diagram in the Chilton handbook? Answer - sorry, I can barely put air in my tires.
Where are books on writing resumes? Hey, I can answer that!

Adult services librarian stops by who's driving to the middle school at 1? Not me, I walked. Oh, well I carpooled this morning.
Walk home to get car.

Adult services librarian and I meet middle school librarian. Ooh and aah over cool library. Talk about school assignments (our adult services librarian buys teen and adult nonfiction). Ooh and aah over wall of playaways.

Grab some lunch. Set up for family storytime. Called out for various questions. Check displays. Go over stuff to do with aide. Look thoughtfully at list of all the nonfiction we should have and decide we can't afford any of it. Call puppet business in Texas that I think might be the place which makes the Old Lady Who Swallows a Fly puppet I've been looking for. Stop procrastinating and call Jim Gill to set up final arrangements for concert and workshop in April! (I detest making phone calls, even to someone as nice and helpful as Mr. Gill)

3:30 - 4
Grab as many kids as I can find in the library and herd them in for family storytime. Comes out to 5. More than last time!

New books! Mark them off order list. Add them to new book list. Put on new stickers. Put removable tape over the new stickers. Search for covers and add them to the blog. Create catalog links to individual covers. Type isbn into link. Decide I am tired and hungry and can finish the new books tomorrow. Take coolest ones home with me!

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Georgia Gal said...

Happened on your blog, and then could not resist this "day in the life". I started my fifty year library sadly finally a children's librarian. This brings back fond memories.