Friday, March 13, 2009

Chowder; The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder by Peter Brown

 Somehow, I had never realized Peter Brown has actually been around for a while. The first of his books I encountered was The Curious Garden. Pleasant, with enjoyable pictures, but we didn't get it for our library. Really, do we need any more New York books? No.

So, when I discovered he had some previous books I thought I'd take a look, starting with the Chowder stories. In the first story, Chowder is an unusual bulldog who doesn't fit in with the other dogs, no matter how much he tries. However, he finally discovers some friends who appreciate his unique view of life.

The second Chowder story is more of the same, with Chowder not feeling or acting like the other "Fabulous" dogs at dog camp. But with hard work and a bright idea, he finds his place.

I can see the appeal of these stories, the "unique child/animal who finds his/her place" is a popular and well-worn theme. Although I don't care for the style of art myself, I know some people, doubtless more educated about art than I, will appreciate the odd perspectives and lines and the clean landscapes.

Verdict: I just didn't care for them myself. I'm rather tired of the "I'm different and have to find a place for myself" theme in picturebooks and the art doesn't appeal to me. Sorry Chowder. You have lots of friends, you don't need me.

ISBN: 0316011800; Published September 2006 by Little, Brown; Borrowed from the library

Fabulous Bouncing Chowder
ISBN: 0316011797; Published September 2007 by Little, Brown, Borrowed from the library

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