Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wings: A Fairy Tale by E. D. Baker

I admit, I was not enthusiastic about reading this book. I really liked the first couple Frog Princess books, but sort of lost interest in the series around the fourth book (that happens to me frequently - no reflection on the series, which I just purchased for our library!). But while I was still interested in the series, I automatically added Wings to my to read list. Somehow, it stayed on there despite various reviews which said it was, well, too sweet. And I decided just to skim it quickly...

I loved it! Yes, it's a "happy" story. There's tension, confusion, some painful scenes, some betrayal. But in the end, it's happy. Yes, there are little dancing fairies. Yes, the main character is the daughter of...well, we'll let you figure it out. But I liked it! The characters fit well into the plot and acted in accordance with their roles. I especially felt the descriptions of the wings and trying them out were well-drawn. And there's plenty of tension left over for me to want another book right now! But apparently the next book in this trilogy won't be out for a while.

Verdict: This book is for those little girls who've grown out of their fairy series but still like sparkly wings and fairy dancing. For those who like adventure with a happy ending. And for those who don't feel like they belong anywhere. Plus, the lamias were really funny!

ISBN: 978-1599901930; Published April 2008 by Bloomsbury; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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