Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sergio saves the game by Edel Rodriguez

The plump and perky little penguin is back - this time with dreams of being a soccer star! In his first adventure, Sergio Makes a Splash, Sergio discovers the joys of the ocean (not to mention little fishies). In his second story, Sergio fulfills his dream of playing soccer through lots of hard work and encouragement.

I was a little disappointed by the wish-fulfillment of the ending. The loser-works-hard-and-becomes-a-star-and-saves-the-game-at-the-last-minute plot is pretty overdone in my opinion. But Sergio is such a determined little penguin that I can't help cheering him on. The art has the same color scheme of oranges and blues as in the first book. It has a modern but traditional feel; lots of clean edges and some digital effects as well.

Verdict: Fans of penguins, sports, and underdog stories will cheer as Sergio saves the game!

ISBN: 0316066176; Published May 2009 by Little, Brown; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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