Friday, July 10, 2009

Alice's Shooting Star by Tim Kennemore

Alice's third and final story is by far the most hilarious of the trilogy. Rosie, her terrible little sister, is just getting interesting. At least, Alice thinks so. Alice's parents and her perfectionist older brother, Oliver, don't agree. They say Rosie is lying and needs to learn to tell the truth.

Woven into the family's efforts to curb Rosie's imagination, are Alice's feelings that she is a dull and uninteresting person. But as the story progresses, Rosie and Alice both find new abilities and in a side-splitting conclusion, become stars!

Alice is a thoroughly endearing character. She doesn't want the limelight, like Rosie, but she does want a little recognition and attention at times. Her tenacity and common sense turn out to be just as effective as Rosie's wild imagination and the growing relationship between the sisters is both funny and touching.

Verdict: I highly recommend the Alice trilogy to beginning chapter readers and it will be enjoyed by adults and as a read-aloud as well. Funny, engaging, realistic, and hits exactly on the feelings between siblings and especially of the middle child. A must for your library collection.

ISBN: 978-0802853370; Published March 2009 by Eerdmans; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library; Purchased for my personal collection

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