Monday, August 3, 2009

Magic Box by Katie Cleminson

Eva's birthday present is a box...but not just any box. A magic box, one that can make her a magician. With her new magic, she creates a friend called Monty and the most wonderful birthday party ever!

This delightfully magic story is simple and sweet. Eva's magical antics are logically silly - if you were a magician, of course you would pull rabbits out of your hat....and more rabbits, and more rabbits, and....

The illustrations are what really grabbed me. The basic characters are in black, white, and gray, with faint touches of reds. Around, over, and behind them, magical splashes of color represent Eva's new-found magic and her delight in her wonderful birthday present.

Verdict: Perfect for preschool storytime, bedtime, or a special birthday present!

ISBN: 978-1423121091; Published June 2009 by Hyperion; Borrowed from the library; Added to the library's wishlist

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