Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ready, Set, Skip! by Jane O'Connor, illustrated by Ann James

When you think Jane O'Connor, you think Fancy Nancy, right? Now there's nothing wrong with Fancy Nancy. In fact, if given a choice between the 'licious books, Disney Princesses, and Fancy Nancy, it's Fancy Nancy all the way for my fancy-loving little girls at the library.

But Jane O'Connor has other things up her sleeve. You wouldn't know this from looking her up online - other than her info. with HarperCollins she doesn't seem to have an online presence at all. And really, does she need one? Buying Fancy Nancy is like buying milk - everybody does it, you don't need to advertise it.

But she does, actually, write other things. Like the Eeek! Stories to make you Shriek easy reader series, which are the only really scary books I have for younger readers. And....Ready, Set, Skip, one of my favorite action books.

Simple rhymes show all the things a little girl can do...except skip. Finally, in a simple mother-daughter moment, she catches the secret....and they skip to school together. Simple? Yes. Irresistable? Of course. Try this in a storytime with all the kids seeing how many things they can do (including burp, whistle, hop, twirl, and skate).
Ann James' cheerful watercolors are the perfect complement to the text and show the little girl's exuberant enthusiasm in her many accomplishments

Verdict: Recommended

ISBN: 0670062162; Published May 2007 by Viking; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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