Friday, September 11, 2009

Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a (Somewhat) brave shrew by Ursula Vernon

I bought this for the library last fall, based on somewhat conflicting reviews. It checked out a few times, nothing phenomenal, and I stuck it on the shelf and forgot about it. But then I read Dragonbreath. I was hooked on Vernon's slightly wacky humor and fresh style and knew I had to read Nurk. So I read it. I loved it!

Nurk has always dreamed of adventure, but he doesn't think he's really brave. Besides, adventure might involve cold, wet feet, and other perils. So he dreams of being as brave and daring as his grandmother, Surka the warrior shrew, and meanwhile he stays at home in his willow tree. Until one day, a letter arrives, begging for help. Does Nurk rush off to the rescue? No. He finds a boat, cleans it out, makes sure it's waterproof, packs all essential items, including plenty of clean socks, and sets off downstream, arguing with himself all the while. And thus begins a strange, wonderful, sometimes completely insane, and always completely hilarious adventure. I leave you with a quotation from Surka's journal:

"Most adventures begin at home. You don't really want them to, but they do anyway."

ISBN: 978-0152063757; Published June 2008 by Harcourt; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library; Added to my personal wishlist

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