Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last week of programming before Thanksgiving!

Our main important thing at programming this week is to remind everyone there are no programs next week. Last year we neglected to do this and it was a disaster!

For Tuesday preschool storytime we read Gobble Gobble Crash a Barnyard Counting Bash (much excitement over counting the different animals), we made turkey masks, using leftover butterfly masks I'd cut for Halloween and feathers. Thanksgiving storytimes always struck me as kinda weird - you read all these stories about turkeys escaping from being eaten, sing cute turkey songs, make yourself look like a turkey....and then you eat turkeys. Whatever.

My same group showed up for Wii gaming. Argh, these kids should be outside running around. They are soooo antsy, bickering, roughhousing, etc. I am going to have to do something really structured next year for this, I think. Probably have to stay in the room and watch them too. Gah, where are my earplugs?

Saturday we had our Make it and Shake it toddler birthday party. This is mainly the brainchild of Miss Pattie, I just threw in some extra supplies and reserved the space. We had a nice big group and the kids had as much fun running around and jumping as they did making shakers and sparkly water bottles.

Time for the holidays! I have lots of reviews to post soon, including the last of my Cybils easy reader reviews....


Infant Bibliophile said...

I just don't understand the necessity for Wii in the library. I guess if kids can't afford Wii, and other kids can, then it is an equalizer? Or maybe it is good because it gets kids into the library?

Jennifer said...

Actually, the kids that come are already in the library. We have large groups of kids that come to the library after school and "hang out". There is nowhere else for them to go. Having Wii for a couple hours gives them something to do other than playing on the computers and bugging other patrons. As far as being an equalizer, many of the kids have Wii or something similar at home - they bring controllers and games from home and share them with other kids. It's kind of a socialization thing. I am working on other programs that kids can do after school, but this is a relatively easy one that doesn't require much preparation. I also have board games etc. in the teen area kids can use, Wii just requires a little more supervision b/c it can get noisy. You can read more about gaming in libraries at the ALA national gaming day site