Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday at the library; or, this is your life in reference

8:30 - 9:00. Arrive. Lug in book bags. Take a quick look at shelving carts to see what's checking out. Login computers. Fix computers with errors. Try to get crashed computer to boot. Give up. Talk to circ about computers. Straighten displays. Check suggestion boxes. Tidy teen area and remove inappropriate rhymes from magnetic poetry board. Straighten children's area.
9:00 - 10:00. On the reference desk (we only staff one reference desk at a time. When I'm on the children's desk, it's also THE reference desk) Questions: "can you renew my books over the phone" (yes but I won't like it). "Do you have a fax machine?" (yes it's a dollar a page, outgoing faxes only). DVDs on Tai Chi (yes, once I realized I was spelling it wrong but they're checked out so I put a hold on them). "Books or magazines on renovating bathrooms?" (no specific magazines, but lots of books. include a quick lesson on the dewey decimal system). "food for fines" (transfer to circulation). Renew. Question about book club (transfer to circulation). "Do you have books on starting a business on audio?" (patron thrilled with playaways. I also put several audio cds on hold and directed him to the business books). guest card for person who forgot their library card. "I can't type in my library card number to use the computer" (number lock off). Renew.
10:00 - 1:00 Still on reference desk. More of same. Why do people calling to renew tell us everything we DON'T need to know first? When their book is due, what their book is, why they need to renew it...Just give us your name or library card number please!
In between questions, work on adding to order lists all the stuff I went through over the weekend. Tweak order lists. Look through Oni Press' new books online and join their mailing list. What? Mutant, Texas is out of print? Argh. That's the one problem with reviewing books from other libraries - you want them for your library and then discover you can't have them. Sniff. Check in books from Bookmooch, some are replacements, some are for the summer reading program. Fiddle around with tentative book/AV budget for next year. Do some ILLs.
1:00-1:30 Run to grocery store up the street to get lunch b/c there was nothing but a pear and a banana in my refrigerator this morning. Read a couple chapters of my current lunch reading, Before Columbus. Put cart of movies to be shelved out so patrons can grab them before they have to be shelved. Take flyer on beading to colleague and talk about possible adult or teen beading program next year.
1:30-2:00 Check in massive piles of books I went through this weekend (mostly from other libraries so they have to have fiddly bits of paper - when I bring back big stacks I do it for the circ. staff)
2:00-3:00 Go through stacks of new, repairs, etc. on my desk. Work on organizing ILL information. Check in more books. More ILL fiddling. Talk to colleagues about where to put new encyclopedias.
3:00-4:00 Pack books we are sending on Bookmooch. Take them and ILLs to post office. More ILL fiddling (no, I am not "officially" in charge of ILLs. Our regular ILL librarian is going out on maternity leave soon and I am training. Plus, I like to organize things and we are looking for ways to simplify the process). Fill in teen displays. Lay out stuff for storytime tomorrow. Punch holes in masks for storytime.
4:00-5:00 Fill in displays in children's area. Tell boys at computer to tone it down. Fill in new displays. Remind boys at computer again. Fill in displays in juvenile. Kick out one of the boys and glare at others. Fiddle with order lists. Go through stack of misc. paperwork on desk. Print and annotate BOB lists. Put stuff on hold from other libraries that I want to see before I buy.
And that is a Monday at the library!

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