Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peter Peter Picks a Pumpkin House by Christine Graham, illustrated by Susan Boase

This is a cute little story based on the Mother Goose rhyme, "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater" with some Jack and the Beanstalk elements. Peter Peter and his wife Wanda raise pumpkins and are content to live with their pumpkins and goat. But when the rains come, their poor little hut begins to leak and Peter Peter knows he must do something to fix their house. He sells their goat for treasure, but it looks like he's been cheated....until they have a marvelous harvest!

Verdict: The soft pencil illustrations fit in perfectly with this quirky and odd little story and there's plenty of nonsense reminiscent of the original rhyme. Some of the names "bingbang trees" are unnecessarily cute and the style has the slightly stilted flavor of an easy reader, rather than a beginning chapter book, but children that like nonsense stories will enjoy this little story.

ISBN: 0805087060; Published August 2009 by Henry Holt; Borrowed from the library

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